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At Seaglass, our focus is on helping you make your ideal match. We start with a conversation about your skills and experience and where you would like to take your career next. As a trusted provider of IT talent, Seaglass matches highly skilled individuals with exciting opportunities. We take the hassle out of your search by walking you through the entire recruiting process, from our first discussion through the full life cycle, all the way to the offer stage.

Choose the flexibility of contract or project work or advance your technical career with contract-to-hire or direct hire opportunities. We offer the best rates for our consultants and help direct hire candidates negotiate the strongest compensation package.

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If you’re interested in working for Seaglass, we would love to hear from you! We regularly hire recruiters and sales pros for our internal team – both in our New Hampshire office and remotely. Tell us about your experience and areas of expertise (and success stories too). Seaglass is a great place to work!

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