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Cloud Practice

Deciding to move to the cloud can be challenging and downright overwhelming. With so many paths to choose from, the biggest challenge is taking the first step. Seaglass Technology Partners has proven success identifying top talent when it comes to emerging cloud technologies. We understand what it takes to adapt and ensure your staff has the relevant skills to take full advantage of the cloud. 

We have established a proven ability to find the playmakers and make placements in the areas of: 

• AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud
• Private cloud, Public cloud, Hybrid cloud
• IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, MBaaS, FaaS
• Virtualization, Containers, Docker

In recent studies, the most sought-after job skill in IT is "Cloud and Distributed Computing". How do you know if the person you are hiring has the right skills? Over 55% of employers struggle to find developers with the right skills, and even more know there will be a shortage soon. The cloud environment is a dynamic landscape with fluctuating needs. In order to stay on top of it and ensure success for your company, you need to have a plan.

We have developed the proven method to ensure that both your hiring process and employee production will be honest, efficient, but most of all, worth the investment. Part of this plan include: 

• Evaluating your company's present condition
• Distinguishing any voids in talent and assets
• Creating a plan to resourcefully close the voids
• Generating employee growth
• Establishing a professional culture around the transition
• Communicating the vision
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